Bodybooks depict my artistic journey as ink drawings bound into four anatomical parts of the human figure. Each book, the spine, heart, eyes, and legs, represents a core part of my identity as an artist and as an individual in the cosmos. The books are delicately drawn with a pen nib, and incorporate patterns and symbols inspired by both the history of ink drawing and illuminated manuscripts. 

The largest work in the series is the Spine book, and just as the spine of a book creates stability and core strength for the object, this book represents the core of my artistic journey. 
The Eyes book is crafted from handmade paper made from recycled scraps and pulp. This process, along with the diaristic thoughts written on each page, mirrors how I take in information with my eyes and process the world around me. 

Heart contains chambers of tiny worlds that circle my inner body and thoughts.  It depicts the home of a creature that is seen in the spine book, and represents deep negative feelings that plague me and other artists when making work.
Legs is a life-sized book of female legs and the first book I created in this series. Each page contains ink drawings of legs that relate to the female experience, including themes such as body image, violation, and objectification. 
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