Debbie Ali
Debbie is an interdisciplinary artist based in the Bronx focusing on gender and fantastical topics. She creates pop surrealist paintings and drawings both digitally and using ink. Debbie's recent projects take into question the intersection of neurodivergence with the possibilities and limitations of communication in various social environments. Her book arts practice binds together these different strands to communicate her streams of consciousness about identity, feminist and queer issues.  .
Her art has been featured at Lehman Art Gallery, Van Cortlandt House Museum, Garner Arts Center, and Rockland Center for the Arts. She has been interviewed by the Lehman Art Gallery as well as Bronx Net TV by Rhina Valentin and has been featured in Hyperallergic Magazine and Jerry's Artarama. 
Debbie developed a year-long Adobe Creative Suite curriculum during her time as special education and art teacher in the NYC Department of Education. After teaching for 6 years, she completed her second master's degree; an MFA in Printmaking. 
Debbie enjoys watching long Adobe and Figma tutorials and getting caught reading a banned book. She now makes work in her cozy studio along with her ongoing art adventures in both New York and Japan. 

Womb Tech, Ceramic 2016

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